Monday, July 12, 2021

The Gout, redux

 I'm sorry to report an attack of the Gout, my first serious flare in more than a year. My own damn fault.

HOWEVER, today when I gave myself acupuncture I stumbled upon something, and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I got immediate relief!

Hell, no, I'm not gonna tell you what it is!

However, if you know a sufferer from the Gout, I now know a way to give relief to the gnaw-your-foot-off pain that doesn't itself hurt! The previous approach I knew usually worked, eventually, but hurt like hell. This technique felt good as I was doing it. I'll let you know what the longevity of the effect is, and don't get me wrong -- my foot still hurts like hell. However, I can concentrate well enough to write this on the second day of a pretty bad flare. And I'm even able to smile as I write it.


Friday, March 19, 2021

Sentinel Crow, first shift

 My truck died, so I've been walking a lot. Enjoyed it, through the snowstorms and freezing days of this intense year's winter. Enraptured every evening by the sights and sounds of my semi-riparian stroll homeward. Especially enjoyed the clattering gaggles of crows that would flop in and out of the nearby trees from time to time...

I realized: I have frequently called myself a canary in the coal mine, and it is true that I have gotten out of a number of explosive situations that others haven't seen coming. But I am a survivor, and I also squawk to warn others before I fly the coop. Plus, you know, the whole black clothes thing... 

From now on I'm calling myself a sentinel crow.